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Deepgater by christofur Deepgater by christofur
For the Sanctum Store contest going on at Seventh Sanctum ( [link] )

I present to you, the Deepgater.

"Though artificial gravity never became a reality for us, wormhole travel has, and it has opened the universe to mankind in ways we never thought possible. Never before did we foresee humans traveling faster than the speed of light. Not until the first wormhole projects began.

Now, wormhole physics and generation technology has become a far more developed science than it ever has been. We are able to move about as freely as we need to, thanks to the Deepgaters. Once bound to orbital wormholes held open by unstable gravity rings and restrained by the accuracy of our aiming devices, we are now free to bring our wormholes with us and move about the universe at will."

Deepgaters work using the fundamentally stable wormholes that exist at the Planck level. Though difficult, it has been proven possible to expand these natural wormholes to more macroscopic sizes. The beauty of the Deepgater is that it can enter the stretched end of the wormhole and use the abnormal physics found inside wormholes to travel immensely faster than the speed of light and dictate where the wormhole goes to.

The Deepgater deploys four probes to grab a local wormhole and simultaneously expand the end to the desired size. The Deepgater then enters the wormhole and plots its course to the desired destination. Once there, it deploys the other four probes it carries and expands the end of the wormhole outward. Once this process is complete, the wormhole is stable as long as it is maintained by at least three probes on each end.

Generators used:

Vehicle Generator: Result - Deepgater

Material Generator: Result - Stabilized Aurine (I used "Aurine" to name the drives. It sounded cool. o.o)

Other Info:

The inspiration for a lot of how this ship and the probes are designed has come from Project Rho, which you should seriously take a look at if you want to give your spaceships a really authentic feel. Click this [link] to check it out. Mad props to the creator, Winchell Chung, for creating this site.

DOGA L3, final editing in PSP7
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